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Real Estate Businesses

Real Estate businesses are core to the UK economy, ranging from commercial and residential property developers, through to property investment companies, landed estates and agricultural companies.

Despite their differences in focus, what they have in common is a need for advice from lawyers who understand the markets in which they operate.

Here at Boodle Hatfield, our teams are experts in their markets and can guide you through all aspects of property transactions, correct company set-up, financing, commercial and property tax, the corporate and commercial agreements, employment and investments.

In addition to these areas, we can also help to develop your portfolios and will partner with you to advise on commercial and property tax issues to ensure your business runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Our heritage at Boodle Hatfield hinges on the fact we’ve supported property companies for almost three centuries. Our blend of corporate, real estate and tax expertise makes us perfectly placed to partner with you.

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