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Landlords & Investors

Landlords today continue to face the usual challenges associated with the management of tenants and leases along with new challenges relating to sustainability considerations and ever changing legislation.

Our long experience of advising commercial and residential landlords means we guide new and experienced clients through the complexities of managing their portfolio and help them to future proof their assets.

Real estate remains a very popular asset class for investors but the reasons for investment are varied. We have advised those whose investments are built on a desire for long term incomes, often as part of multi-generational planning, as well as those seeking a quicker capital gain.

We are also experienced in advising overseas investors, keen to seek capital preservation, but unfamiliar with the process in the UK.

No matter what your approach is, from experienced property professionals looking to capitalise by being in the right place at the right time, to entrepreneurs looking for opportunities surrounding a lack of supply in a specific market, to landlords seeking to manage their assets strategically and navigating enfranchisement issues, we make it our business to understand your investment strategies to ensure the business and commercial interests of your portfolio are protected.

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