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Beneficiaries & Heirs

Beneficiaries and heirs need to consider how to protect their legacy for the future, deal with tax liabilities and maybe a challenge to the Will. With a broad and deep knowledge of this complex area, trust Boodle Hatfield to advise, guide and protect you.

Receiving an inheritance is a privilege. Bequests often include valuable assets, from property and land to collections of art and luxury assets, or even a business.

With three centuries of experience, you can trust Boodle Hatfield to deliver the guidance and legal protection you will need.

Through complex tax and probate, we will support you on how best to protect and develop those commodities for the future. By your side, we will help build a plan that works for your future and that of your family.

Boodle Hatfield can also support you:

  • If there is a dispute over the Will
  • If you wish to set up a charity
  • If you are eager to set up or run a business
  • If you would like to make investments into property.

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