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08 Jun 2021 21% more divorce applications in March than January, dispelling January divorce month myth

The number of divorce applications filed in the month of March is 21% higher than January, dispelling the belief that January is peak divorce month*, says Boodle Hatfield, the leading private wealth law firm.

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08 Jun 2021 Ethical Sourcing in Luxury Goods

Partner, Simon Fitzpatrick and Trainees, Alexander Martinelli and Harvey Tomes reflect on how The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is one of the key pieces of legislation luxury goods companies need to be aware of when it comes to considering ethical sourcing.

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08 Jun 2021 Delay in no-fault divorce law is actually good news for couples planning to divorce

Family Partner, Emily Brand highlights how when no-fault divorce law is introduced, the length of divorce process will increase by at least 10 weeks.

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04 Jun 2021 Divorcing with cryptocurrency

It is an increasingly common dilemma of the digital age; the intentionally anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies make them notoriously difficult to deal with in the context of divorce proceedings.

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03 Jun 2021 Spring Budget 2021

Prior to the Budget, there was much speculation about capital gains tax (CGT) reform and rises, substantive inheritance tax (IHT) reform and maybe even a wealth tax.

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03 Jun 2021 Inheritance tax administration

The government published a response to the Office of Tax Simplification’s first inheritance tax report and will simplify reporting regulations from 1 January 2022.

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03 Jun 2021 Taxation of trusts

The government has published its long awaited response to HMRC’s 2018 consultation on the taxation of trusts.

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03 Jun 2021 OECD report on inheritance tax

The OECD have published a report Inheritance Taxation in OECD Countries which explores the role that tax could play in raising revenues (given the Covid-19 crisis) and to address wealth inequality and improve efficiency in the future.

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03 Jun 2021 OTS – Second capital gains tax report published

The Office of Tax Simplification published its second report on capital gains tax reform on 20 May 2021.

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24 May 2021 Bitcoin divorces skyrocket as spouses stash wealth in cryptocurrencies

Most people’s to-do list for getting married doesn’t involve investing in Bitcoin. But for one 29-year-old ready to express his love for his partner, buying the cryptocurrency was one of the first things that came to mind.

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