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Boodle Hatfield offers a bespoke service in the areas of UK immigration law most relevant to private clients and their associated business ventures.

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Global mobility, and the ability to move smoothly across the world, is of critical importance for ultra-high net worth families, senior executives and businesses. Many families split their time between more than one jurisdiction, and businesses often relocate their key people, in accordance with commercial needs.

Our clients frequently make the decision to relocate to the UK. We navigate the complexities of the UK Immigration Rules on their behalf to make sure this is a smooth process, finding innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

How we work

Our immigration advice is seamlessly integrated with our private wealth, tax, employment and corporate advice. This ensures that there is a strategic, client-centric approach to all immigration and sponsor licence applications which is aligned with the broader aims of the family, individual or business.

We have significant experience in working with the Home Office to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients, particularly in cases where the application being made is unusual or requires the exercise of discretion. Where necessary, we are also adept at assisting clients with the immigration appeals procedure.

Services for high net worth individuals and their families

At Boodle Hatfield, we work with clients across all categories of the Immigration Rules and are experts in dealing with complex immigration matters that require nuanced, client-centric solutions. We have particular expertise in assisting individuals relocating to the UK for the purposes of investment or the establishment of a UK entity, as well as assisting European nationals in the wake of Brexit.

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Services for businesses

We are experts in the Home Office’s complex sponsor licence compliance regime and can help businesses and other institutions navigate this with ease. We assist with every aspect of the relocation of employees to the UK. This includes advising employers on their UK immigration strategy; assisting with applications for sponsor licences; providing training on UK immigration compliance and assisting senior executives and other professionals with their visa applications.

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