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Hotels & Leisure

We leverage our expansive real estate knowledge to provide truly informed advice to hotels and leisure clients across the sector.

Hotel and leisure businesses are dealing with a series of unprecedented challenges brought upon them over the last 12 months. As the industry reacts and adapts, there are likely to be new opportunities and challenges that surface.

At Boodle Hatfield, we have a long history of working with owners, managers and investors in the sector and are adept in guiding our clients through turbulent times.

We understand what differentiates hotels from other businesses and leverage that understanding to provide the highest quality legal advice on ventures across the UK and internationally. Working collaboratively across the firm’s practice areas, our cross-departmental team has the skillsets necessary to meet all of the following needs:

  • Investment
  • Development
  • Structuring & Joint Ventures
  • Operations & Management
  • Finance
  • Disputes
  • Tax
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