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About us

Boodle Hatfield is a law firm which has partnered with individuals, families, property owners and businesses for almost 300 years, and there is a good reason for that. It’s our interest in and ability to truly understand our clients and their individual needs.

Through booms, downturns and recessions, we have worked alongside our clients in all manner of situations. No matter what you are dealing with: critical family events, crucial company issues, a new business venture, investment decision or more, you can rely on us to offer a blend of exceptional legal expertise with a forward-thinking approach. It’s the reason we grew—and keep—our outstanding reputation.

We focus strongly on teamwork: We have deliberately kept at a size where we all know each other, support one another and enjoy working together, whilst still providing you with the wide range of legal expertise you require.

Our excellent reputation doesn’t sit solely with our legal work. We focus on our community, believing that social responsibility should never be an afterthought. Read more about our corporate social responsibility activities here.

A law firm, based in London and Oxford, we support clients the world over. Thanks to our long history, and strong values, we’ve built up a network of prestigious, trusted professional firms across the globe so no matter where you are you can rely on us to support and guide you.

Whether it’s advice on property, business or private wealth issues, we provide the right guidance to enable our clients to succeed today and in the future.