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Trustees, Executors & Fiduciaries

Trustees and fiduciaries face ever more challenges to navigate the tax and trust landscape for families. Our first-rate lawyers blend specialist expertise in tax, trusts and disputes to provide excellent advice.

Trustees, Executors and Fiduciaries play a crucial role in helping families and individuals to manage their wealth and deal with the multiple challenges that life presents, often in multi-jurisdictional situations.

They operate in a complex landscape of ever-changing legislation and intricate tax rules.

Advice around this can be wide reaching. It may involve the creation, use and variation of trusts in the UK and internationally. It may also involve tax advice, or specialist advice around contentious trust issues when trustees face conflicting requirements.

At Boodle Hatfield, we will work with you to provide practical advice, tailored to your needs, to ensure we achieve the right solution for you, dovetailing advice across all disciplines and from various jurisdictions.

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