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Philanthropy plays a vital role in our society. As well as providing much needed funds to charities and not-for profit organisations, it enables ultra high-net worth and high-net worth individuals and families to have a values-based, positive impact on issues that matter to them - leaving behind a lasting legacy.

Legacy is no longer just about wealth preservation, with many individuals and families seeing philanthropy as a core part of their legacy. As ESG issues rise to the top of the wealth holder's agenda, many are considering how they can have an impact on the issues that matter to them the most.

Philanthropy and an effective philanthropic strategy that meets the needs of the family and individual is crucial. We provide clients strategic, consultative, philanthropic advice, including structuring and governance, at all stages.

Giving in the UK remains low in comparison to other countries and we recognise more support is needed from firms like ours to support clients in beginning their philanthropic endeavours. Aside from our own knowledge and experience we have a wide network of industry experts and will leverage all of this to support you in beginning and enjoying your giving journey.

The not-for-profit sector, including charities and foundations, rely on the generosity of individuals. While the motivations for giving may be simple, getting it right can be more complex. Some individuals may wish to set up a charitable trust to benefit a number of charitable organisations, whilst others may leave a legacy to a grant-giving favourite charity in a will or create a specific foundation or non-profit to fulfil a specific aim. There is no right or wrong way to undertake philanthropy, it is very much a personal decision but one that should be driven in line with family governance and values.

At Boodle Hatfield, we are experienced in working with clients at all stages of their giving life cycle. Our advice is centred around three pillars:

  • Philanthropy strategy: Providing advice and guidance when ideas are being formed to ensure you understand all the options available to you and the impact they may have on your family governance and related family businesses.
  • Philanthropy structures: Ensuring your philanthropy and charitable giving is structured in the way that works best for you whilst also making the biggest impact on your chosen issues. Structures that we might consider with you include Donor Advised Funds (DAF), UK or offshore foundations including charitable trusts, or UK non-profit, Community Investment Company (CIC).
  • Philanthropy governance: Ensuring best practice governance is put in place to run your philanthropic endeavours successfully, including ensuring you are compliant with the Charity Commission Governance and where practical, you are implementing relevant parts of Corporate Governance as best practice.

Wherever you are in your philanthropic and charitable giving endeavours, the need for specialist advice is paramount. At Boodle Hatfield, we are highly experienced in this area and will work with you to deliver practical and sensible advice to ensure you achieve every one of your altruistic ambitions.

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