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Families and Family Offices

Families are like fingerprints: every one is a little different. Despite similarities in structure, each family has its own unique dynamic, made up of the combination of different experiences, personalities, values and goals of each person in the group.

Today's global world presents opportunities and challenges. Surviving and succeeding requires wealthy families to evolve their plans and skills on a constant and on-going basis.

The issues on which each family may need advice will naturally be different: some will want guidance on preserving and enhancing their privately held wealth, whilst others may need support on running their businesses, or a steer on managing their property portfolios. Many of our clients have interests which span the world and we are well placed to advise on multi-jurisdictional planning and UK immigration applications.

Many families may also often need a helping hand in guiding them through disputes or on issues impacting their reputation.

Whatever the need, we understand that supporting families requires careful, professional, sensitive, and practical guidance. For centuries, we have worked hand-in-hand with some of the world’s most successful UK and international families and Family Offices and have enabled them to achieve their ambitions and served them to resolve disputes.

We have done that for 300 years, and we will continue to partner with them into the future.

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