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Investment Funds

Whether you're a fund manager or investor, we provide bespoke, commercial advice on fund structuring, formation, investment and exit, across a range of asset classes.

For many years, we have acted for hedge fund managers and increasingly we act for investment managers who operate the investment function of family offices.

This combination means that we are very experienced in structuring management operations and funds to suit specific client groups, rather than the more standard documentation of the broader investment market.

Our clients tend to fall into two categories:

  • Managers who are given wide discretion and in that sense are more aligned to market structures, and
  • Those who are more embedded within the culture and decision making structure of families and groups of families.

We advise on the types of fund which are available for specific circumstances, the infrastructure which will be required, including fund raising, fund administration, custodial arrangements and any required third party/external advisory functions. We are comfortable with a range of asset classes, from derivatives to real estate and, with our deep heritage of advising owners across generations, completely appreciate the need for both transparency and accountability..

Our aim is to explain the complexities involved with investment vehicles clearly and simply. We provide practical advice on the entire fundraising process, advice specifically designed to enable our clients to assess and manage risk, and take advantage of opportunities to capitalise on growth opportunities.

We advise on a wide range of investment fund structures, including the following:

  • Hedge funds,
  • Limited partnerships and LLPs,
  • Investment syndicates,
  • OEICs, and
  • Unit trusts.
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