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Artists & Collectors

Artists and collectors have diverse interests and challenges. Whatever your need, our specialist art and luxury asset lawyers have the experience to guide you.

The collection of luxury assets such as art, jets, yachts, jewellery, wine, handbags, or cars brings much pleasure and enjoyment. Despite this, it is crucial to balance that appreciation with the certainty that your assets are protected by sound legal structures. That’s where Boodle Hatfield can help.

Whether you are an art collector or an artist yourself, there are a myriad of issues that can surround the curation or creation of these assets. If you are an artist, you should always be up-to-speed with the legal issues surrounding your rights, your sales, your commissioning, and your lending or consignment to private galleries and public exhibitions. And, as someone who owns, or who has inherited, a piece of art or a collectible luxury asset, you may want to consider how best to pass on these pieces. Equally, you may wish to think about managing taxation.

Trust Boodle Hatfield to be your partner as a collector or an artist:

  • In guiding you through the management of the art you have created
  • In supporting you if you have inherited collections and in understanding the appropriate tax considerations and exemptions
  • To navigate and resolve disputes
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