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Probate & Administration of Estates

When someone dies it can be a difficult time for the family. Our highly experienced trust and probate lawyers are known for their efficiency and empathy in working alongside families, trustees and executors on UK and worldwide estates.

Our long history of advising on trusts, wills and probate provides us with the practical experience and technical expertise to guide our clients through the challenging times when someone dies.

Probate and administration of estates

The highly experienced team guide you through the process ensuring that probate can be obtained efficiently. They have a wealth of experience in advising clients on UK and cross-border estates meaning that they are well placed to advise on:

  • Cross-border estates for both UK domiciled and non-domiciled individuals
  • Post death variations
  • Taxes including inheritance tax, including business and agricultural property reliefs
  • Intestacy
  • Heritage assets and reliefs, conditional exemption and offers in lieu of tax
  • Complex asset types

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Wills & Probate Disputes

Sadly, when someone dies, problems can occur. The Will itself might be unclear or not legally binding; family members or dependants may feel they have been unfairly treated and make a claim; or there may be a conflict with a Will from another country. In these circumstances, our highly rated Trust & Probate Disputes team are well placed to advise on how best to solve the problem.

Planning for the Future
Often, a death might impact on a business or trust structure and the probate team work closely with other Boodle Hatfield lawyers to review the structures in place for the heirs and beneficiaries.

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