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Charities, Philanthropy & Non-Profit

Once you have decided on a philanthropy strategy and begun implementing it is critical that you have a realistic and achievable governance framework in place. Boodle Hatfield has advised clients for centuries on their philanthropic and charitable giving and are able to bring that experience to bear on your chosen philanthropic path.

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to philanthropy. Some clients have been philanthropists for all their lives; others may have reached a point where they wonder how their wealth can really make a difference to the world in which they live.

The reasons for setting up a charity, not-for-profit organisation or foundation vary widely, however some clients want to enshrine a culture of philanthropy as a value of their family for the long term; others might just enjoy the feeling of giving back to society; and some may want to leave a lasting legacy. While the motivations for giving may be simple, getting it right can be more complex.

Advice for philanthropists and charities can encompass anything from setting up charitable trusts to benefit a number of charities, leaving a legacy to a general, grant-giving favourite charity in a will, including a charity as a beneficial class under a trust or utilising a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) or creating a specific charity, non-profit or foundation to fulfil a specific aim. Whatever route you take, Boodle Hatfield has a range of experience in all areas of the Third Sector enabling us to support you through the whole lifecycle.

How we help

  • Creating charities, non-profits (Community Investment Company) and foundations in the UK and internationally – We regularly advise on establishing and registering grant-making foundations and operating charities & non-profits including the initial set up and registration with the relevant third-sector regulators.
  • Philanthropic governance – We ensure that governance of the charity, foundation or philanthropic endeavour is effective and in-line with the Charity Commission governance regulations and also utilising Corporate Governance best practice where applicable. We advise on day-to-day issues ensuring they can be resolved practically and quickly.
  • Tax and philanthropy – At Boodle Hatfield we can advise on all aspects of tax in respect of your philanthropy giving.
  • Individual or corporate giving – We regularly advise our clients, including family offices, on how best to achieve their charitable and corporate social responsibility aims through a DAF, which enables clients to undertake philanthropy in a low profile, low risk manner.
  • Philanthropy disputes – We advise on disputes which may arise over bequests to their organisations and on resolving issues involving charities.
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