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Wills & Lasting Powers of Attorney

Ensuring your estate passes to your family and friends as you wish and tax efficiently is a top priority for most people. We can advise you on putting in place the right Wills, LPAs and succession plans to provide you with certainty and peace of mind.

We have been working alongside our clients for many years to prepare their wills, LPAs and trusts and to ensure that our clients’ estate planning objectives are met as simply and tax efficiently as possible.

Many of our clients are international or have assets around the world.  We are particularly well versed in dovetailing the UK Wills with those of other jurisdictions for internationally mobile individuals to avoid problems in the future.

Making a Will

Making a Will is something that many people put off, but life is complicated and full of surprises so it is important to have a valid will at all times. It will give you confidence that whatever happens your estate will be dealt with by people you trust; will pass to your chosen beneficiaries and will help your family at a difficult time.

By making a Will you will be able to:

  • Ensure that your partner inherits what you intend. If you die without a valid Will the intestacy rules apply, often with unwelcome consequences
  • Appoint legal guardians to bring up and care for your children under 18
  • Appoint Executors and Trustees of your own choice
  • Maximise Inheritance Tax Reliefs
  • Provide for a second spouse or partner or family members from a previous marriage
  • Direct your business interest (such as shares in the family company/partnership or farming interests) to the appropriate beneficiaries
  • Leave personal items such as jewellery and heirlooms to specified beneficiaries
  • Benefit favourite Charities
  • State your wish for any specific funeral arrangements

The Boodle Hatfield team has long experience of preparing tax-efficient wills for UK and international clients. We are also well versed at working with clients to ensure their Wills in different jurisdictions dovetail.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Many people become incapable of managing their affairs at some point in their lives, whether in old age, in the event of an accident or through illness. In these circumstances, it is invaluable if they have already put in place a Lasting Power of Attorney to allow for someone else to be able to act on their behalf.

Our team can advise on creating Lasting Powers of Attorney and, where appropriate, living wills and can advise on incapacity and welfare planning.

See here for further details and information on our fees.

Disputing a Will

Increasingly there are problems over Wills and disputes with family members, beneficiaries or other interested parties arise. Whether you wish to challenge a Will yourself or are the Executor of a disputed Will, our specialist probate dispute lawyers are well placed to advise.

Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)
We adhere to the STEP code for Will Preparation in England and Wales, a copy of which is available here.

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