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Our specialist team has unrivalled experience in freeholds and lease extensions claims, having worked on several leading cases that have established important legal principles on enfranchisement. We offer our clients pragmatic, clear advice in this complex area of law.

Our team is a market leader and deals with a substantial number of enfranchisement claims per year. We act for some of London’s largest urban estates and have been involved in some of the leading cases in this field.

Our overall experience enables us to advise both landlords and tenants as to their own enfranchisement rights. We will take you through the process required from beginning to end.

A key aspect of an enfranchisement claim is the value payable by a tenant to a landlord for a lease extension or acquisition of the freehold and we are experienced in liaising closely with whichever valuers are instructed to deal with that element of a claim.

An enfranchisement claim will often be a necessity and our focus is on ensuring that the process involved enhances and protects the value of what in many cases is a primary asset.

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Leasehold Enfranchisement Insights and Updates

Our team of enfranchisement law experts shine a spotlight on the new legal developments and updates surrounding the leasehold enfranchisement reform.

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