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Elderly & Vulnerable People

The rise in life expectancy across the globe and a shift to an increasingly elderly population means legal guidance on matters affecting older and vulnerable individuals is ever more important.

Issues surrounding these needs are often sensitive in their nature and have the potential to be divisive.

Our highly skilled team offer sympathetic and practical guidance around the suite of issues intertwined with older people or those who are vulnerable.

Trust Boodle Hatfield to work with you to help you to:

  • Ensure that you are confident that your affairs are in order and your wealth and assets will be managed as you wish
  • On the preparation of effective Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • On safeguarding your business ventures and providing clarity on your wishes for the future of those businesses

In addition to advising on matters relating to elderly individuals, here at Boodle Hatfield, we also specialise in working with the vulnerable. We regularly work with the family members of vulnerable children and adults. We can guide you, sympathetically, through the necessary steps to protect their interests, whether that is an application to the Court of Protection or on your rights and responsibilities as a deputy.

We pride ourselves on being highly attuned to your needs and will work with you to deliver a plan that works for you and your loved ones.

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