What are the key trends shaping philanthropy at the moment?

From my experience, succession planning is playing a major role in shaping philanthropy. Clients are increasingly critiquing what level of wealth they want to pass on to their family vs to others, being much more mindful of the legacy they want to leave behind. Feeling you have achieved good, been useful and effected positive change is driving greater focus on philanthropy and impact investment.

What most excites you about philanthropy at the moment?

I have really enjoyed seeing the philanthropy advisory sector grow over the past few years with a move to philanthropy advice becoming more mainstream within the private client sector. The more we as advisors are able to guide clients through their philanthropic giving and ensure that they achieve their giving aims, the better that is for society at large.

What are the main challenges facing philanthropy?

Getting people to give more, both in terms of time and money. I think we need a cultural shift across society to encourage us each to assess how we can do more – whether that is volunteering or giving money. I loved that King Charles included a volunteer day as part of the Coronation celebrations and at Boodle Hatfield we have also made sure that staff have a certain number of hours each year they can use to volunteer on programs of their choosing.

What are your favourite ways to relax/switch off from work?

Gardening – a relatively new passion having decided to landscape our garden over the past two years. Watching gardening programs, reading gardening magazines, and of course spending hours in the greenhouse and garden seems to take up all my spare time.

Do you have a pet(s)? What are they like?

I have a lovely border terrier called Ruby who generally provides me with time to relax and exercise with regular walks in Rendlesham forest in Suffolk which is on our doorstep. On occasion though, the relaxation turns to high levels of anxiety when she decides to run off in the forest and disappear for an uncomfortably long period of time…they are not called “border terrorists” for nothing!

What was your student job?

Rather appropriately working for a family owned business! I started my career working at a lovely, family owned shop in Marlow called Landmark, selling menswear. It was a great learning experience helping me appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that goes into building a successful business. I built up my customer service skills and learnt the art of selling – and also became very adept at dressing a a mannequin….