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Applying for a Training Contract

The deadline to apply for our 2022 training contract has now passed. From 1 November 2020 you will be able to apply for our 2021 Vacation Scheme and 2023 Training Contract via our website. Please be aware that the closing deadlines are 31 January 2021 for the Vacation Scheme and 30 June 2021 for the Training Contract, you will not be able to submit applications beyond midnight on these dates. If you have additional needs and requirements due to a medical reason, disability or social economic reason that prevent you from completing the online application form in its current format please contact our graduate recruiter Jenny Sanghera, to discuss alternative arrangements or provisions for you.

The application process for the vacation scheme and training contract is exactly the same at the beginning. This involves completing the application form which can be found below.

Apply here

For candidates who are interested in applying to both the vacation scheme and a training contract, you are very welcome to apply to both at the same time. If your vacation scheme application is not successful it will not impact your application for a training contract.

Should you apply for your training contract early to meet the vacation scheme deadline you are still able to log into your application form any time before the training contract deadline to add additional information. You may choose to do this if you secure further work experience, attend additional industry events or receive additional academic results.

Please be aware that we do not recruit on a rolling basis, all applications are reviewed after the relevant deadline has passed.

Applications are welcome from all disciplines. The earliest an application can be made for a training contract is in your penultimate year of your Law degree or final year of your degree for non-law students, we do welcome applications from candidates who are past this stage too. We seek candidates with strong academics and our minimum entry requirement is an obtained or expected 2.1 in either a law or non-law degree. We do not have a minimum A-level grade requirement but we do ask that you submit this information so we can see your areas of interest at school and a picture of your academic progress as you continue your studies.

More information about a training contract at Boodle Hatfield can be found in our graduate recruitment brochure below.

Graduate Recruitment brochure

Training Contract 2023


Application deadlines
1 November 2020 to 31 January 2021 – Apply for 2021 Vacation Scheme
1 November 2020 to 30 June 2021 – Apply for 2023 Training Contract
2 weeks in July 2021 – Attend Summer Scheme
September 2022 to July 2023 – Attend LPC
September 2023 – Training Contract Commences

Selection Process
The selection process for 2023 Training Contracts will be held during July/August 2021 and will involve a visit to the London office, including interviews with the two Partners and an interview with the HR Director. An ability test in verbal reasoning will also be carried out as part of the recruitment process. You will also have the opportunity to take a tour of our London office, meet some of our current trainees and ask them any questions about what it is like to train at Boodle Hatfield in a relaxed setting.

We feel that when our candidates are comfortable they perform at their best and we get to see the real individual. Our partners and HR Director are experienced in graduate recruitment and set out to make the interview an enjoyable conversation for both parties from the outset. We are keen to get to know you and see how you will fit into our firm, We also want you to leave our offices with a clear idea about whether Boodle Hatfield is a firm you can see yourself training in and starting your career in.

Once you have been offered a Training Contract, you need to complete your studies. Law students then complete the final year of their law degree (or further studies).

Non-law students then undertake the GDL. We recommend that our trainees attend the GDL at BPP at any of their sites (London, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Cambridge, Manchester).

All our trainees then complete the LPC. We recommend that our trainees attend the LPC at BPP at any of their sites (London, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Cambridge, Manchester). We allow you to have a free choice of electives, but recommend that you select subjects that reflect the work that Boodle Hatfield undertakes.

Training Contract
You will join Boodle Hatfield in September 2023 and undertake your two year Training Contract.

If you have any queries on our Trainee Programme please contact Jenny Sanghera, Graduate Recruiter on or