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29 Mar 2023

Boodle Hatfield’s 300th year commemorative print unveiled

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Earlier this month, we were delighted to host an unveiling for the print, Art can change the world (again), which we commissioned last year with the Young London Print Prize to commemorate Boodle Hatfield's 300th year

Having worked with Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair for a number of years, the firm was delighted to extend its support to the Young London Print Prize (YLPP) in 2022 to help us mark the milestone year for the firm.

YLPP is an art competition for young people, and is themed around the issues of climate change and the environment. They work with schools in low income communities across London, inspiring young people and giving them the opportunity to showcase their creativity through the medium of printmaking. Not only is the art created by young people, but it is also judge by A-Level art students - making this a prize for young people, by young people. Each year, the winning prints are exhibited at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair alongside the work of world-renowned artists.

In addition to the fantastic work that the Young London Print Prize already do, in 2022 they worked with an additional 300 young artists from diverse backgrounds to create artworks in response to London's changing climate. These 300 prints were then combined into one large collage, creating the resulting artwork Art can change the world (again).

Matt Bell

, Chair of Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair and co-founder of the Young London Print Prize, kindly joined us to help unveil the print to Boodle Hatfield staff, emphasising the importance of the work that YLPP do and how sponsorship can help them further their support of young people across London.

The final artwork is now hanging proudly in our London Bankside office to be enjoyed by staff, clients, and visitors alike. The piece serves not only to celebrate Boodle Hatfield's 300th year but also as a lasting legacy for the 300 young artists who created it.

You can view a digital copy of Art can change the world (again) here.

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"The Young London Print Prize is a ground breaking initiative...We are delighted that through our sponsorship more resources could be deployed so an additional 300 school children were able to participate in the workshops...We are passionate about the arts and to see the prize flourish by engaging London's young people to make climate focussed art was a very rewarding experience. As part of the process we created a unique artwork using 300 of the prints which we will proudly hang in our office for years to come."

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