Your lawyers since 1722

This year, we will be marking our 300-year anniversary. That’s three centuries during which we are proud to have been trusted by countless clients to help them navigate the impact that revolutions, market crashes, social upheaval and technological innovation have had on their families, businesses, and the society around them. We are grateful to all of our clients and to the generations of Boodle Hatfield teams that have worked skilfully and so tirelessly to support them.

With a history like ours, we know we are built to last. But this isn’t the time to rest on our laurels but instead a chance to reflect and build on our heritage. We are merely today’s custodians of the Boodle Hatfield name, and we want to create a legacy that our successors will be just as proud of.

To that end, throughout 2022 we will be rolling out an extensive programme of activities, each of which sows the seeds for the future success of others – our local neighbourhoods, the wider legal profession, and of course our valued clients and our own team.

These will include a series of initiatives that support local communities, help dismantle barriers to entry into the legal profession, deliver fresh insights to further thinking in our core sectors and enhance support to fast-track personal development at the firm.

Building a legacy is about so much more than trading on a name. It is about making the best choices every day to create a more fulfilling future for ourselves and for those around us. This includes deploying exceptional legal expertise and sincere care in our client relationships, nurturing, and listening to our teams, and supporting and collaborating with our wider communities. It is a philosophy that has served us well and one that we are confident will guide us successfully through another 300 years.

Shaping legacies for 300 years