Do we underestimate the impact that divorce, incapacity or death can have on a legacy

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08 May 2024

The Lessons in Legacy Podcast: Do we underestimate the impact that divorce, incapacity or death can have on a legacy?

The Lessons in Legacy Podcast is a series brought to you by the Private Wealth team at Boodle Hatfield that looks at the evolution in the approaches and attitudes successful individuals and families are taking to plan for wealth transfer.

In the series we open dialogue with a number of leading academics, professional advisers and business leaders to hear their thoughts on legacy and consider how individuals and families can approach wealth transfer with greater purpose.

Across the series, we break down some of the themes that are now front of mind for those responsible for family wealth and take into account the priorities of the succeeding generation and look at how, in turn, we as advisers can support and steward a legacy’s sustainability and reflect a families’ longer term purpose, values and sense of cohesion.

In the tenth episode, Partner, Clare Stirzaker is joined by fellow Partners, Hayden Bailey, Katie O’Callaghan and Nicola Bushby to discuss a series of topics that can often be underestimated when it comes to planning for the future. Individuals, families and their respective businesses will, more often than not, associate divorce, incapacity and death by their very nature as taboo topics and ones that are cloaked in discomfort or misunderstanding. In this episode, we reinforce the importance of addressing these life events and highlight why we mustn’t underestimate the impact they can have when it comes to legacy.

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This podcast is intended to provide a first point of reference for current developments in aspects of the law. It should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. If you would like to discuss any of the points raised during the podcast, please do not hesitate to contact our speakers using the details listed below.


Clare Stirzaker, Private Client Partner at Boodle Hatfield

Hayden Bailey, Partner and Head of Private Wealth at Boodle Hatfield

Katie O’Callaghan, Family and Divorce Partner at Boodle Hatfield

Nicola Bushby, Private Wealth Disputes Partner at Boodle Hatfield


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