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Our Purpose, Values & Standards

At Boodle Hatfield, throughout our 300 years, we have always had a strong focus on our service to our clients, our colleagues and our community. Today, we continue to uphold and share those important values and service standards, which underpin the way in which we work with each other, our clients and other professional advisers.

Our Values

At all times we aim to embrace these important values:

  • Integrity – To act with the highest degree of integrity and trustworthiness
  • Excellence – To strive to achieve excellence in all that we do
  • Teamwork – To work together as a team with our clients and with each other
  • Respect – To respect those with whom we come in to contact be they clients, colleagues or others
  • Community – to contribute time and resources to help the wider community to which we belong

Our Service Standards

In the delivery of services to our clients we will at all times do our best to provide:

  • Client satisfaction – Of the highest level
  • Effective solutions – Specific to our clients’ needs
  • Expert advice – Our technical expertise is second to none
  • Cost effectiveness – Providing real value for our clients
  • Results – Delivered well within our clients’ timelines