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14 Mar 2023 Lessons for long-term growth? Ask the family

In SME Magazine, Corporate & Commercial Partner, Richard Beavan outlines 6 lessons all businesses striving for growth under the current challenging economic conditions can learn from family businesses.

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26 May 2020 State Aid for Start-ups: UK government launches Future Fund

On 18 May 2020, the government launched its £250 million ‘Future Fund’.

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15 May 2020 Hotels: Is there anything else that you can do which might help your cash flow?

Do you have any corporate accounts? Are these corporate accounts in arrears?

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06 Dec 2019 Employee share schemes

Offering employees shares in a business can be a great way to align interests and to recruit, motivate and retain staff.

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16 Jun 2017 The ‘Right to be Forgotten’: Implications for European businesses

The European Court of Justice has ruled that individuals have the right to have search engine results removed, where they may affect privacy rights.

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09 Jun 2017 Raising Money For Your Business

Companies wanting to raise new equity investment have various regulatory obstacles to contend with.

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06 Mar 2017 Social media – how can it affect your business?

The rise of social media is irresistible.

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06 Feb 2017 Death of a sole director

Where a sole shareholder dies who is also the sole director of a company, two key issues arise for the personal representatives…

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03 Feb 2017 The Bribery Act – How does it affect my business?

If you want to wine and dine a potential client, or treat an existing client to lunch to thank them for their custom, you may not realise that you could potentially be caught by the Bribery Act 2010 if the gift is deemed to be excessive and go well beyond reasonable efforts to promote your business.

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