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08 May 2024

Julie Howard contributes to ‘The Practical Guide for Wealthy Families and Family Offices’

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Private Wealth Partner, Julie Howard was delighted to contribute her expertise to ‘The Practical Guide for Wealthy Families and Family Offices’ - a new publication authored by VG Directors, Paul Roper and Ian Murphy. The book sought contributions from leading tax, finance and legal industry figures and appeals to a global audience looking at the latest developments in the family wealth arena. Designed to be of practical use, the book has case studies of real family successes and failures; it explores the concept “mind legacy” - how families inculcate their successful mindset and values in the next generation of wealth; and it includes a series of practical exercises called “catalyst cards”, helping families to address or pre-empt typical challenges and issues they face.

As we see an increasing number of individuals and their families moving to the UK, it is important to be aware of the UK tax position when organising such a move. Julie’s section focused on UK tax and in particular looking at strategies for those planning a move to the UK including becoming UK tax resident, the remittance basis of taxation, becoming a UK resident non-domiciled taxpayer, offshore trusts and how to maintain business interests outside of the UK. The book is now available to purchase on Amazon (here). Since the book was published, plans were announced at the Spring 2024 Budget on 6 March 2024 to abolish the current 'non-dom' tax regime and move to a residence-based system from 6 April 2025. These changes are very wide reaching and will present opportunities for some and create challenges for others. Julie has penned a helpful article outlining how the new proposals will impact individuals relocating to the UK from Africa. Access this article here. 

At Boodle Hatfield, today, much of our work has an international dimension as many internationally mobile families, turn to us to help them structure their wealth. Within the firm we have a dedicated International practice, including the Middle East and Africa. We have partnered successfully with many wealthy individuals and families across the globe who have placed their trust in us to support and advise them on various matters ranging from advice on UK residence and property acquisitions to helping them structure and finance their international private and business assets. If you have any specific issues that you would like to discuss we would welcome hearing from you.

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