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09 Oct 2023

A Modern Family: an evening with Freehold & Jake and Hannah Graf MBE

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Last week, Boodle Hatfield partnered with Freehold LGBT+ CIC – an inclusive network for property professionals who identify as LGBT+ - to host a very special evening with guest speakers Jake and Hannah Graf MBE.

During the evening Jake and Hannah took to the stage to share their amazing story from transitioning to parenthood and learn about life as an LGBTQ+ family. Jake is a London based actor, writer and director whose first nine award winning films have screened at over 100 festivals worldwide. Hannah is a retired Captain in the British Army. She commissioned in 2010 and since that time has commanded soldiers across the world including in Germany, Canada, Kenya and Afghanistan. Together they are arguably Britain’s most high-profile transgender couple as well as being parents to two toddlers.

The discussion, hosted by Construction Partner, Sarah Rock, focused on how being LGBTQ+ and starting a family do not always go hand in hand. Jake and Hannah shared how it is hard enough going through the surrogacy process with the law in the UK remaining outdated and complex to navigate (check out our ‘Surrogacy Landscape Podcast’ here for more information on this) and reinforced how the process is often only talked about in hushed voices leaving those exploring surrogacy feeling vulnerable and unsupported. A lot of ground was covered during the discussion, particularly around discrimination and stigma but Jake and Hannah reinforced that despite the fact that the journey towards parenthood is not always straightforward, couples and individuals should remember that they are not alone.

With a strong focus on shaping legacies for future generations, Boodle Hatfield were delighted to have hosted the modern family discussion with Freehold & Jake and Hannah Graf MBE. Our refreshed ESG framework and ED&I committee work hard to ensure we continue to be a friendly and inclusive business that works on diversity and inclusiveness for everyone.

Please click here to find out more about Freehold and to find out more about Jake and Hannah, visit their website here, where you can also order a copy of ‘Becoming Us’ – an inspiring memoir of transgender love, joy and family.

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