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01 Feb 2023

Potential misuse of the Skilled Worker route

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Interesting commentary from The Times on potential misuse of the Skilled Worker route by the UK subsidiaries of sanctioned Russian companies. The Home Office have not announced any changes to the route on this basis, but it remains possible these could be implemented as part of the next set of changes to the Immigration Rules.

George Havenhand, the senior legal adviser at Spotlight on Corruption, said: “It is self-defeating for one arm of the state to impose sanctions on companies or their directors, while another allows them to sponsor UK visas, potentially leading to British citizenship. “The Home Office is in danger of looking as if it has fallen asleep at the wheel and needs to get on top of this fast. The Home Office should urgently update parliament on what went wrong and lessons learnt if it wants to maintain public trust in its handling of national security risks in the immigration system.”

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