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15 May 2020

Hotels: Looking forward to the lifting of lockdown

You might also like to think ahead as to how you might best mitigate against the issues that you will face when you re-open:

  • Are your existing suppliers still solvent? To be in the best position on re-opening, keep in touch with your suppliers during this period of forced closure. If you think there is any financial instability amongst your suppliers, think about having early negotiations with other suppliers.
  • Do you recruit foreign nationals to staff the hotel in peak season? With borders closed and a 14-day quarantine period likely on re-entering the UK, it may be difficult for them to come to England. It may be worth thinking about strategies for recruiting UK residents for these roles.
  • For similar reasons the guests coming from abroad may be limited in numbers. What marketing strategies can be deployed to attract UK residents to the hotel?
  • What steps can be taken to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus within the hotel and to protect guests / staff? We can expect governmental guidance on this point ahead of the date on which hotels are permitted to re-open.
  • Guests may be very nervous about coming out of isolation. What can be done to reassure them that it is safe to travel / stay away from home? For example, could the restaurant have socially distant tables?

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