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Abi Meho

First Year Trainee

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Abi Meho, Boodle Hatfield

First Year Trainee Abi Meho reflects on the start of her training contract at the firm.

What was your route into your training contract?

Prior to joining the firm in September, I studied at the University of Nottingham. Having graduated, I completed the LPC at BPP Holborn and worked as a paralegal for six months before embarking on my training contract. My interest in Private Wealth and the complexity and excitement of the international elements associated with this kind of work led me to identify Boodle as the ideal firm to seamlessly integrate these interests.

How did you find your first month as a trainee?

From as early as one month in as a trainee, I can already sense significant growth in both my professional and personal capacities. Beyond acquiring the essential technical skills expected of a Residential Property solicitor, I have cultivated a broader understanding of not only the needs of clients on a human level, but also the commercial issues they face in all aspects of their business. The relatively small intake means that as you become immersed in matters over time, you are relied upon to a degree which I did not expect but is invaluable for your growth as a solicitor. Throughout this journey, the unwavering support of senior team members has been a constant, contributing significantly to my development.

How would you describe the culture at Boodle Hatfield?

Boodle Hatfield has a unique and friendly culture, which alongside its accolades in the training it provides to its trainees, curates the perfect environment to produce excellent lawyers. The firm has a very team-oriented outlook and has felt inclusive from the start. The regular contact with Graduate Recruitment in advance of joining were both motivating and helpful in preparing me to start my training contract, and since joining the firm, my experience has borne out.

What does a typical day for you look like in your first seat?

Working in the Residential Property department means no day is the same. This practice area has exposed me to differing types of legal work such as preparing pre-contract enquiries and drafting reports on title. My first seat has provided me with the varied ability to work with supervision on many matters daily, which is fantastic, and I have gained a lot of hands-on experience with the purchase and sale of high value residential properties in London, often involving complicated international elements due to our large Middle Eastern client base. Some days it is client facing responsibility, on other days, the focus shifts towards the finer tasks, specifically on the internal operations of the matter. Either way, you notice your value to the team increasing every day.

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to apply for a training contract?

My top piece of advice for anyone applying to the firm would be to understand the firm’s client base. Boodle Hatfield’s rich 300-year history in acting for a unique clientele underpins all the work we do, and in gaining an understanding of our client’s needs on both personal and professional fronts, you can showcase a level of familiarity with the responsibilities of a Boodle Hatfield solicitor even before officially joining the firm.