Aakash Mohindra - Why I trained at law firm, Boodle Hatfield

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Aakash Mohindra

Second Year Trainee

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Aakash Mohindra, Trainee, Boodle Hatfield

Aakash details why he choose Boodle Hatfield for his training contract and his top tips for anyone embarking on a career in law.

1) Why did you choose Boodle Hatfield over any other firms?
I chose Boodle Hatfield because I wanted to work at a firm who’s practice is centred around the helping the individual. To my mind, there was no better place than Boodle Hatfield. I liked how the firm values building strong lasting relationships with its clients, having represented many of the same clients for much of its rich 300 year history. Boodle Hatfield practices in the areas of law that I was most interested in at an academic level to the highest standard. I also felt that, due to the smaller size of the firm and the trainee intake, I would receive higher quality training, increased responsibility and a greater exposure to a variety of different work.

2) Since starting your training contact at Boodle Hatfield, what have you found most surprising?
Just how nice and approachable everyone is. Being one of the newest and more inexperienced members of the firm, it can feel quite intimidating asking those more senior to me how to approach certain tasks or what certain legal terms mean. But at Boodle Hatfield everyone, whether partner, associate, paralegal or PA, is happy to help.

3) What would be your top five tips to anyone in their first week of their training contract?

  • Meet as many new people as you can
  • Confide in the other trainees
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • There are no silly questions
  •  If there is a type of work you are interested in, ask to get some experience in it

4) Has Boodle Hatfield lived up to your expectations?
Absolutely! The people in my department are helpful and fun. The work is incredibly interesting and I definitely feel like I have learnt a lot in my short time at the firm so far.

5) In no more than five words, how would you describe Boodle Hatfield?

  • Specialised
  • Collegiate
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Reputable
  • Trustworthy
  • Friendly