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27 Mar 2024

Taylor Howes’ x Middle Eastern Women in Luxury Breakfast

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Last month, Residential Property Partner, Reem Al-Jumaily joined moderator Karen Howes of Taylor Howes Designs and panellists Mayssoun Habra of MH Global Wealth Management and Pooya Ahmadi, Author and Independent Art Consultant for a lively ‘Middle Eastern Women in Luxury’ panel discussion.

The conversation ran through the meaning of luxury in the region, the concept of ‘quiet luxury’ and how sustainability is being adopted in the Middle East. A detailed write up of the event can be found in Sphere Magazine here.

Reem stated that whilst big brands are a long-standing major pull in the Middle East they are, “needing to future proof as there is mindfulness around the next generation”. After being asked about sustainability within business and development in the Middle East, Reem commented that, “there is significant new growth in the area and that they do care about sustainability”.

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