Head of Art & Litigation features in the Spear's Art Law index 2022

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01 Aug 2022

Simon Fitzpatrick features in the Spear’s ranking of the best art lawyers for HNWs


We are delighted to announce that Head of Art and Litigation, Simon Fitzpatrick has been highlighted as one of the best art lawyers for high-net-worth individuals in the Spear's Art Law index 2022.

Highlighted as ‘Top Recommended’, Simon has been commended amongst his peers ‘each of whom are taking the industry by storm’. The annual Spear’s index identifies the top private client advisers and service providers to HNWs spanning property, family law, wealth management, tax and trusts, philanthropy, alternative assets and reputation management.

Spear’s highlights how “the art market is a complex industry that involves the exchange of extremely high-value items. As such, it comes with a number of legal requirements and obligations for high-net-worth individuals who are engaged in the selling, purchase, investment or transportation of art. An art lawyer can help to ensure that a client’s art-related matters remain compliant across multiple jurisdictions and take into account individual nuances. They will also be abreast of changes in international law that might affect the status of a collection or sale, highlighting potential pitfalls and areas of caution before they become reality. The Spear’s index of art lawyers is an indispensable resource to find the best experts who specialise in matters of sale and purchase, tax, ownership, authenticity, and a host of other issues.”

For more information regarding the index, please click here.