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We are conscious of our carbon footprint and committed to the need to act in an environmentally responsible manner. Through our Environment and Sustainability Committee, Boodle Hatfield continues to undertake a range of measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

We have been proactively taking measures to reduce our impact on the environment around us for many years. In 2014, when we moved into our London headquarters at 240 Blackfriars Road, we deliberately chose an office based on the principles of sustainability, selecting space in a building that holds an EPC rating of B (35) Excellent by BREEAM standards. We regularly work with the building’s management to support environmentally friendly policies within it and to use green energy. This office has no parking spaces and is on the Cycle Superhighway which enables many staff to cycle to work safely as well as being near many of the larger London railway terminal stations.

Our Mayfair office similarly uses green energy and, along with our Oxford office, is also managed with sustainability in mind. We ensure we reduce our energy consumption as much as we can and encourage our staff to access these offices through sustainable means of transport.

As a firm we are working with Achill Management, who specialises in implementing net zero transitions across the legal and professional services sectors, to audit our carbon footprint and identify further areas where we can reduce our carbon footprint.

We regularly review and implement new measures to reduce our impact on the environment. Measures include continual education around waste and recycling to increase our recycling volumes, reducing paper waste and cutting back on our printing. We also strive to source more sustainable suppliers for catering and other deliveries, such as Luminary Bakery – a London Social Enterprise Bakery that helps to create jobs, community and support women who have experienced social disadvantage. This not only helps to support independent and local businesses, but also reduces the distance our goods have to travel.

In addition, we work with the charities Smart Works and Suited & Booted, donating uniform and work clothes that can be provided to individuals re-entering the workplace.

Our teams are also given “ESG hours” each year and they are encouraged to undertake volunteering activities that help the environment and / or support the local community, including collecting and delivering unwanted food to those who need it through the Felix Project Green Scheme and undertaking beach cleans along the Thames foreshore.

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At Boodle Hatfield we understand the value of community, the importance of the environment and the significance of working and living in a diverse world. Founded on good governance and being a responsible business, we are committed to making a difference by shaping legacies towards a better future.