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04 Oct 2021

Where there’s a will and a couple of marriages, things get complicated

Typically money-grabbing and cruel, she appears in fairy tales, children’s movies and modern chick-flicks alike as one and the same villain.

In reality, it is not so black and white. The rise of blended families, where people have multiple marriages and children with different partners, means step-parents, stepchildren, divorced parents and siblings with large age gaps are part of a normal family setup. While the stereotype may be archaic, valid complications remain.

Private Wealth Partner, Mark Lindley said: “The best thing you can do is take advice. Don’t rely on DIY wills, make your wishes known — and accept that some people may be unhappy with the outcome.”

Marks comments were included in The Sunday Times on 3rd October 2021 – the full article can be found here.