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10 May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week – May 2021

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This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week - the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health - helping to encourage open conversations around mental health and to continue to break the stigma.

As a firm, we realise the importance of mental health and wellbeing and through our Wellbeing initiatives strive to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and able to speak to someone about all topics related to their health.

The week hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, is in its 21st year and the theme is ‘Nature’. Across the country, people will be celebrating the mental health benefits of being in and around nature, as research has found connecting with nature through access to wildlife and green spaces, and going on walks has been some of the main ways people supported their mental health.

Therefore, supporting this week and trying to help raise mental health awareness where we can is very important. To read more about the Mental Health Foundation, please click here.