Second Year Trainee, Edward Fearnley - What attracted me to Law

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Edward Fearnley

Second Year Trainee

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Edward Fearnley, Trainee, Boodle Hatfield

Edward provides some insight into his first six months at Boodle Hatfield

1. What attracted you to a career in law?
The legal profession was a path I considered fairly late at University during my Undergraduate degree. Coming from a multi-disciplinary background I recognised that law presented an opportunity to tackle complex and interesting problems whilst retaining a scope broad enough that I could find my niche within the profession.

2. How did you decide on which firms to apply for?
I decided to prioritise firms based on varied practice areas with good work-life balance and a supportive workplace. Having had no legal education prior to making applications I put special emphasis on firms that took pride in developing their trainees with a wide breadth of work and opportunities without compromising the quality of their training. Trainee retention rates – both short and long term – were particularly instructive!

3. Since starting your training contact, what have been your highlights?
Highlights so far would be taking over day-to-day running of large projects under supervision, receiving plenty of client facing work and attending the 300th Anniversary party in Tower Bridge.

4. How would you describe the culture of the firm?
The culture of the firm is extremely supportive. I never feel like I am unable to seek guidance on issues and I am consistently reminded that my colleagues are genuinely committed to developing my career and skills.

5. What advice would you give to others in applying for a training contract at Boodle Hatfield?
I would advise applicants to emphasise how their intellectual pursuits and skills outside their legal education can add to the firm.