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19 Apr 2021 Cohabitation through Covid

Family Partner, Katie O’Callaghan was delighted to join Lottie Leefe – Founder of financial well-being consultancy, The Dura Society, on an Instagram Live on Friday 16 April.

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07 Dec 2020 Brexit: Choice of jurisdictions could leave spouses millions better or worse off

There is a rush amongst the estranged spouses of High Net Worth individuals to file for divorce in England before the December 31 Brexit deadline.

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21 Oct 2020 An expert’s guide to…Family Law and Divorce, with Katie O’Callaghan

Family Partner & Mediator, Katie O’Callaghan shares the divorce process and explains how to protect your assets and your peace of mind.

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25 Sep 2020 How divorcing couples can cut costs and speed up a financial settlement?

In the months following the coronavirus outbreak, and the gloomy economic climate in which we now find ourselves…

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07 Sep 2020 Back to school, but not as we know it

For many children in this country, this week marks the first full week back at school.

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26 Aug 2020 ‘Unnecessary’ delay in no fault divorces

The 20-week minimum period for handling new no fault divorces risks slowing the process “unnecessarily”, a law firm has said.

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18 Aug 2020 The Boodle Hatfield Podcast – Economic Abuse: regaining financial independence

Many women experience economic abuse within the context of intimate partner violence.

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17 Aug 2020 Economic Abuse: regaining financial independence

Common signs of economic abuse. If a current or former partner has interfered with your money or other economic resources.

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26 Jun 2020 Lawyers at Boodle Hatfield share their journey from trainee to partnership

Once you have chosen to pursue a career in law, shortlisting which firms you would like to train with is one of the most critical decisions.

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16 Apr 2020 UK divorce settlements challenged as finances become strained

Family lawyers are reporting a surge in inquiries from individuals hit hard by economic turmoil caused by coronavirus.

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