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15 Feb 2024 A decade of divorce proceedings: the war rages on

In Today’s Family Lawyer, Partner and Head of Family, Emily Brand reflects on the recent Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Potanina v Potanin – a case that centred on financial relief after an overseas divorce.

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08 Dec 2023 London courts: a home from home?

In the New Law Journal, we discuss the wide-ranging powers of the English court to intervene following foreign divorce proceedings and the power of Pt III applications.

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01 Nov 2023 Part III applications – striking the right balance

In The Law Society Gazette, we outline how Part III of the Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984 (“part III”) is a powerful, but often misunderstood, area of the law.

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16 Jun 2023 Could ChatGPT be your new divorce lawyer?

Partner and Head of Family, Emily Brand and Associate, Genevieve Smith put AI to the test in relation to fact-specific circumstances of an example divorce scenario.

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11 May 2023 How can I prove my husband is downplaying his investments?- Emily Brand provides expert commentary in The Financial Times

In the Financial Times, Head of Family Law, Emily Brand considers how a spouse can prove their partner is downplaying their investments.

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30 Nov 2022 Signing Invisible Contracts When Moving In With A Partner

In WealthBriefing, Partner and Head of Family, Emily Brand highlights how couples choosing to cohabit should consider documenting their intentions in relation to their property and finances from the start so both parties know what their respective entitlement and rights are.

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28 Jul 2022 To remain relevant, the institution of marriage needs a rethink

Before we can restore faith in the institution of marriage, family law needs to be brought up to date, argues Family Partner, Emily Brand.

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23 Jun 2022 Family court system ‘has reached breaking point’

In The Times, Family Partner, Emily Brand reflects on the delays in the Family Courts and how this increases the financial and emotional cost for the parties involved.

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20 Jun 2022 300 years of family life – science, sex or psychology?

In a recent edition of the ThoughtLeaders4 HNW Divorce magazine, Partner, Emily Brand and Associate, Genevieve Smith provide a detailed account of the diverse and illuminating panel discussion the team held around modern relationships, love, sex and marriage to celebrate the firm’s long and illustrious history.

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26 May 2022 Marriage renegotiation: the rise of post-nuptial agreements and ‘relationship MOTs’ amongst long-married couples

In The Telegraph, Family Partner, Emily Brand considers ‘relationship MOTs’ and post-nuptial agreements for long-married couples.



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