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04 Dec 2023

Property Insights: Pending changes to energy performance certificates

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Landlords of residential properties have become familiar with the requirement to provide their tenants with an Energy Performance Certificate of band E or better before letting or continuing to let a residential property in order to comply with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).  It had been anticipated following government consultation that the MEES requirements for residential properties would be tightened to Band C or above from April 2025 for new lettings and April 2028 for existing residential tenancies.  

Whilst many had anticipated a delay in implementing the proposed change, it was a surprise to most when the government announced in September that the MEES requirements for residential properties will now remain at B and E.  Whilst this may come as a relief to landlords faced with the increased costs associated with improving an EPC rating or claiming and registering an exemption, many residential landlords will have already started the process of reviewing and upgrading their properties.   

There is no indication that the MEES requirements for commercial properties will benefit from a similar change of policy and, at present, the government remains on track to increase the MEES requirement for commercial properties to Band B or above by 2030 with Band C by 2027 as an interim standard.

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