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14 Nov 2022

New report states that art and culture is key to the climate crisis

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A new report published by a cross-sector coalition of business, arts and social sector organisations has stated that not just science, but culture, is key to climate action change.

The report, entitled Ecological Renaissance: how art and culture can transform our world (again), has been published to coincide with the start of the COP27 climate change conference and explores the idea that art and culture have always been key in driving social change. It also argues that tackling climate change should be a shared scientific and cultural objective.

Matt Bell, Chair at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair and joint author of the report, stated, "The environmental crisis is a cultural issue, not just a science problem. It’s rooted in our values, choices and behaviour. Art and culture are fundamental to achieving net-zero. They have to play a much bigger role in every net-zero strategy if we want the public to buy-in and change so many aspects of the way we all live.”

The report looks at three climate projects that are utilising art and culture to influence real change in modern Britain - Breathe, which is tackling air pollution, Misery Medicine, which provides a nature walk for QTBIPOC communities, and the Young London Print Prize, which works with schools in low-income areas to inspire young artists.

In a call to action, the authors of this report, are asking all major businesses and councils to explore their net-zero strategy and to employ cultural programmes to address their Scope 3 emissions - the carbon emissions indirectly generated by a business, which might include business travel and employee commutes, end-of-life disposal of products, distribution, and waste.

 The report was produced in partnership with Boodle Hatfield, Landsec, Peabody, Anthesis, Boldface, Forster Communications and the Foundation for Future London. It is available to download here or can be accessed by clicking 'open file' on the image below.

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