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11 Nov 2022

Dusting off the firm’s treasured archives dating back to 1722

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Last month, as the sun fell behind St. Pauls, we hosted an internal history exhibition to continue our 300 year celebrations. 

During the evening we displayed some of the firm's treasured artefacts to enable staff to look back at the firm's remarkable history and to celebrate those who have shaped the firm's legacy to date. Having been founded in 1722 by Robert Andrews, a 19-year-old legal clerk, the firm has, in the course of its history, helped clients navigate the impact of revolutions, market crashes, social upheaval and technological innovation and it was incredible to bring everyone together to reflect on our heritage.

We looked at everything from the articles of partnership between three 'Boodles' in 1827 (pictured), to the brass block work used to brand the firm's letter head in 1984.

The firm's anniversary year has been very much focused on shaping the firm and its activities to the benefit of future generations, clients and communities, but as today’s custodians of the Boodle Hatfield name, we wanted to stop and take stock of the legacy our successors have created, as we begin shaping what comes next.

Interested in hearing more about the firm's 300th anniversary? Follow the link to read more about the history of Boodle Hatfield and some of the activities that have made up the 300th year so far.  https://www.boodlehatfield.com/300-years/ 

Shaping legacies for 300 years

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