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02 Aug 2022

National Surrogacy Week: the experience of an intended parent

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In celebration of National Surrogacy Week we take the opportunity to reflect on the experience of those who have been through the process in the UK, such as the fantastic Stuart Armfield and Francis Haugen. Stuart joined us recently on 'The Surrogacy Landscape Podcast' to discuss his experience.

This three-part series explored the legal implications of growing a family via surrogacy, to help couples and individuals get to grips with the landscape at the outset, to ensure that their journey to parenthood is smooth and safe for all involved.

In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of surrogacy arrangements being entered into in England and Wales but it is a view shared by many who work in this field that reform in the law is badly needed to make it easier, more accessible and to provide more security for those wishing to embark on the process.

Catch up on episode one, two and three of the podcast here:

  • Episode One, The Law – featuring Andrew Coutts, the CEO of the International Fertility Company and Barrister, Andrew Powell from 4PB.
    In episode one we look at the definition of surrogacy and the science involved. We reflect on the current laws in place in England and Wales and how these differ to those overseas to support both couples and individuals looking to explore and pursue that often long awaited family. Listen here.

  • Episode Two - The Experience – featuring new parent, Stuart Armfield, Andrew Coutts from the International Fertility Company and Immigration law specialist, Rahul Batra from Hudson McKenzie.
    In episode two we draw on the recent experience of an intended parent and the considerations for couples and individuals looking to grow a family via surrogacy, looking at where an intended parent might start, with a special focus on international surrogacy. Listen here.

  • Episode Three - The Future – featuring Barrister, Andrew Powell and intended parent, Stuart Armfield.
    In episode three we delve into the future of surrogacy and explore some of the peculiarities with the current laws in this jurisdiction. We consider what intended parents might want to change, what could be adopted from other jurisdictions and what reform might look like in the future. Listen here.

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