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14 Sep 2021

Nathan has been on the prowl & can now be found in Leicester Square 🦁

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Last month, a global pride of 47 life-sized lion sculptures appeared on the streets of some of the world's major cities. Curated by Tusk Trust and Chris Westbrook, this is an art trail like no other. The sculptures take you on a tour of iconic locations, from Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London’s West End to the forecourt of New Zealand’s Parliament building in Wellington and bring to life the stories of the iconic predators, the people who work tirelessly to protect them. The trail aims to raise awareness of the threats facing lions and vital funds to support conservation projects in Africa - where lions are facing greater threats to their survival than ever before, with the continent’s entire population estimated to have declined by as much as 50% in the last three decades alone.

Boodle Hatfield is thrilled to be supporting the global celebration to highlight the magnificence of ‘the King of Beasts' and to support community conservation and livelihoods impacted by Covid-19 across Africa. The firm's life-sized lion sculpture has been curated by London based artist, Helen Downie. Working under the moniker of Unskilled Worker, her paintings are both intimate and evocative, mixing characters and nature with the ephemeral and fantastical. The firms Lion (named ‘Nathan’) was initially situated in St James’s Church courtyard, Piccadilly but has since been on the prowl and has moved to Leicester Square.

The City’s pride of 27 life-sized lion sculptures will be roaming the streets of London for the next 10 days. They will be then taken back to the studios on the 24 September 2021 and prepared for auction on 9th November by leading global auction house Bonhams - with funds raised providing vital support for Tusk’s conservation projects protecting lion and other iconic African species.

To find out more about the lion trail and to see the walking route and the locations of the London pride, please click here.

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The Tusk Lion Trail - 10 August – 24 September 2021 London, Bristol, Edinburgh – UK | The Hamptons – USA Wellington – New Zealand | Nairobi – Kenya | Sydney – Australia A global celebration of African lions and the people who live alongside them through exceptional art.

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