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05 Jan 2021

Lockdown 3.0 – children with separated parents

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We find ourselves in lockdown once again, just one day after the start of the school term. Whilst this time there is an end in sight thanks to the vaccination, Boris Johnson's announcement yesterday was clear that the current restrictions will be in place until at least February half term. It is therefore vital that separated parents manage arrangements for their children over this 6+ week period effectively. This includes not only overseeing home-schooling but also the movement of children from one household to another. 

According to Government guidance, it remains possible for children to see both parents in their different homes, wherever they may be in the country. No two families have the same circumstances and the guidance is that a child's welfare must come first. That of course means balancing many factors to include the risk of infection vs. the benefit of the child spending quality time with both parents. Unless there are specific health concerns with either parent or the child, then each parent should facilitate the child seeing the other. These may need to be alternative arrangements to those that were in place pre-lockdown given that schools are shut and travel may be more challenging.

People in all of England and most of Scotland must now stay at home except for a handful of permitted reasons, as new lockdowns begin in both nations.

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