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07 Oct 2020

Urban farming – an alternative use for commercial space?

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An entrepreneurial business plan and a fascinating use of commercial space in central London. Entocycle, which currently operates from railway arches at London Bridge, "feeds local food waste – typically surplus fruit and vegetables, discarded brewer’s grains and coffee grounds" to insects, which are in turn turned into animal feed and pet food.

Aside from this innovative business model, Entocycle is another example (alongside Growing Underground in Clapham and others) of urban agriculture occupying underused commercial spaces in dense urban areas to ensure proximity to their consumers.  

This growing area may be of interest to owners of commercial properties in urban areas which are suffering from low demand or are unsuited to traditional commercial uses.

The UK’s first large-scale farm breeding insects for animal feed and pet food has moved a step closer after the government backed the project with a £10m funding package.

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