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15 Sep 2020

Divorce boom

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There has been much talk about the impact of the events of 2020 on relationships, both good and bad. Most spouses would admit that lockdown has put additional strain on their marriage at one point or another. 

Whether or not the anticipated 'post-lockdown divorce boom' will arise is yet to be seen. It is certainly common for enquiries to be made with family lawyers once children are back in school after the summer holiday. The ability of the Family Courts to deal with an influx of new cases remains a concern in circumstances where there is already a backlog as a result of the initial chaos caused at the outset of the pandemic. 

Many are turning to private forums to resolve those issues that are associated with divorce such as the division of the finances and arrangements for the children. There are a number of methods outside of the Court process which can lead to quicker and more cost effective solutions for both parties.

The coronavirus pandemic is creating an "enormous strain" on relationships, an advice charity has warned, with family lawyers predicting a "post-lockdown divorce boom". Citizens Advice said divorce guidance searches had risen since April after a drop in visits when lockdown started. It said views on its divorce webpage on the first September weekend were up 25% compared with the same date in 2019.

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