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21 Jan 2021

RIBA/BIID Professional Services Contracts

Often the basis of Interior Designer's appointment on a project is just an informal exchange of emails, offering neither the Client or the Designer certainty and rarely providing the clarity needed in regards to the Designer's services or fees.

The RIBA Standard Professional Services Contracts have been around a while, but for a long time concerted thought as to the specific needs of Interior Designers has been neglected.

The launch of the RIBA/BIID Professional Services Contracts in October last year are therefore a welcome addition to the RIBA contract suite and should be the starting point for any Interior Designer’s appointment on a project.

The RIBA/BIID Professional Services Contracts provide a number of key benefits to designers:

  • They are easy to use and put in place, with both hard copy and digital versions available;
  • They are not full of unnecessary legalistic jargon;
  • The terms of the contract protect both the interests of the Client and the Designer;
  • The contract is available in two versions (Concise and Domestic) to suit the specific needs of the particular project;
  • The contracts are inexpensive and will save both sides significant legal costs if a dispute arises and there is no formal contract between the Client and Designer; and
  • The contract provides certainty as to the Designer’s scope of services and fees which prevents disputes and confusion arising further down the line

Our Construction team worked in conjunction with the RIBA on the drafting of the new RIBA/BIID Professional Services Contracts and are available to assist either Client’s or Interior Designer’s in their use of the contracts. We would be happy to speak through any queries or issues you may have on the legal aspects of your projects.