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27 Mar 2020

Moving home: advice and guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic

Official and detailed advice on selling, buying and moving home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been published.

The advice provides guidance for buyers, sellers and those involved with the conveyancing process about what is allowed under the current social distancing rules. Although there is an exemption for critical home moves in the event that a new date is unable to be agreed, the advice encourages parties to do all they can to postpone moving dates to a time when the social distancing rules and other emergency measures are no longer in place.

Whilst transactions will be governed by the provisions in the contract, we are working with clients to see where completions can be postponed until safe to do so. However, where possible, we are completing transactions where properties are empty or the parties agree that the seller can leave furniture until it is safe to move. The Residential Team will revisit their advice to clients as the situation develops.