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08 Mar 2021

International Women’s Day 2021

Boodle Hatfield is delighted to celebrate International Women's Day.

As a firm, we are fully committed to maintaining a working environment in which all people can excel and have a philosophy of an inclusive and supportive culture to enable this.

In recognition of the firm’s distinctive female leadership, long-standing culture of gender equality and strong management team, the firm was awarded the Exceptional Achievement by a Firm prize at Managing Partners’ Forum Awards 2020.

We are delighted to take this opportunity to celebrate the success of women at all levels and asked a handful of females around the firm to share their experiences in the industry and here is what they had to say:

“At Boodle Hatfield, we have long been a pioneer for gender equality and currently over half of our most senior partners are female. Next year marks a huge milestone for the firm of 300 years in business and I take great pride in leading the dynamic firm we are today, with an outstanding client base and talented and award-winning women at all levels of the firm.

We are actively committed to a balanced workforce and pride ourselves on creating opportunities for all our colleagues, as well as encouraging the development of the next generation of leaders.

We are delighted to celebrate our achievements together on International Women’s Day.”

Sara Maccallum, Senior Partner & Head of Commercial Tax

“Having worked for over 25 years in law, I have personally benefited from the significant transformation in society’s attitudes towards women. I am very proud to work in a firm led by a female senior partner, where women’s voices are respected and heard.

Despite the many positive changes I have witnessed, I remain an ardent feminist because we still require radical change. This includes the elimination of stigma for working mothers; society ascribing value to the hours of unpaid work that women contribute to the economy; free or means-tested nursery places for all children; and insistence on equal representation of women in Parliament, in government and in the judiciary.

The pandemic has shown that we can work both agilely and remotely when we need to and this should continue to benefit many working parents. The country can also find resources when it needs, and these should be used to create change for women so they can continue to care without leaving them exhausted and more often than not struggling with poverty. We can’t all be superwomen.”

Emily Brand, Family Partner

“It’s almost 100 years since the first woman was admitted as a solicitor in England. Whilst there is still a long way to go in realising equal representation, women have come a long way in the legal profession. We should absolutely recognise and celebrate all our achievements and keep championing, supporting, and mentoring each other – it’s only way we can obtain true parity.”

Navpreet Atwal, Construction Partner

“Being a working mother can be challenging, and has been particularly so when combined with home schooling, but I consider myself to be very lucky. I have a career that I enjoy and that challenges me every day. I get to meet interesting people and help them find solutions to problems. I also work in a very supportive environment. I have been able to work flexibly since having my children to ensure that I am present for them and do not miss their important events, which is important to me. At the same time, I have been encouraged and supported in my career. I feel like I have a very good balance.

If I were to give some advice to anyone starting their career in law, I would say that it is so important to go into the area that interests you. It can be an all-encompassing job and it helps if you are passionate about it. It is important to be somewhere that there are role models for you. You need to see that what you want to achieve is possible. It is possible to have balance in a career in law.”

Kellie Jones, Litigation Partner

“Inspiration is ‘Inspiring women in the industry to excel and being a working mother’: Being a working mother is challenging, but so very rewarding.  I am an enormous role model for my young children (as they love to listen to my work stories), and also other mothers in the industry, many whom I know have not been able to sustain the demands of the job and childcare, and have taken career breaks. The trick is to be positive, calm, organised and ensure you have the right support at home.  I love my job which continues to give me the drive to develop and grow my business every day, and inspire other women to never give up!”

Reem Al-Jumaily, Residential Property Partner

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